October 19, 2021

Labour Staffing Shortages, Realities & Solutions

Labour is the single most variable component in most construction activities. Any inability to source, manage, train, or anticipate disruptions to the workforce, puts subcontractors, contractors, owners, and other stakeholders in the project at great risk. Productivity is the output produced by a unit of study as a proportion of input required to produce it. A host of issues can undermine productivity: unplanned change order disruptions, accidents, continuous overtime burnout, poor site management, no focus on productivity or training, poor documentation (including the lack of an execution plan), failure to embrace continuous improvement and poor communication. Good Productivity is highly...

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April 6, 2021

Steel Market Insight March 2021

Steel Market Insight March 2021 As a passionate observer of economics and finance it is a pleasure to contribute to an ongoing quarterly newsletter column regarding historic, current, and future trend perspectives on various material and commodity inflationary and deflationary impacts on the building and infrastructure sectors on behalf of the Calgary Construction Association. In this article, attention is specifically devoted to examining the use of steel in building and infrastructure projects. Starting with some facts drawn from the 2020 World Steel Organization and other sources, one begins to better appreciate the global big-picture and the inflationary risk pressures lying...

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