Anne Blair

Anne is responsible for making sure that our members have access to all of the services and products that they need in their day-to-day business. She’s the backbone of much of what we do here at CCA – providing administrative and service support to our members and our team. From room rentals to assisting members with purchasing contracts, she’s our front-line support and often the first person you’ll meet when you come through our doors. Her unique ability to approach problems with creativity and efficiency is matched by her calm, reassuring demeanor, making her a tremendous asset to the CCA team.

Anne’s previous roles include office administration and accounting, Geological Wellsite Tech and Draftsperson. She holds Certificates in Petroleum Geological Application, Petroleum Computer Applications, Land Administrative, and has completed programs in Accounting, Topography and General Drafting.

Article by Admin
January 23, 2019

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