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Jen Kirk

Professional & Experienced Attorney

Bluewave Law

Jen has been a leader in Employment and Immigration Law for many years. She was the Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration Law Chair for the region in 2021 and has been an executive member since 2014. Prior to starting Bluewave Law, Jenna led both the Alberta Employment Law Group and the Alberta Immigration Law Group for a large international law firm.

Despite her success in these roles, Jen always felt a disconnect with the way that large firm legal services are typically provided to clients. Jen’s goal as a leader has always been to empower and build up the people who work with her –she is not just completing work and sending a bill, but truly helping the organizations that she works with to develop long term strategies and become more independent.

With that in mind, and armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Jen founded Bluewave Law in 2021 with a goal of helping her clients in all aspects of Employment,  Immigration and Corporate Law.  Her areas of practice are in Employment, Business Immigration, Workplace Human Rights, Occupational Health and Safety and Corporate Law.

With respect to employment law, Jen has experience advising on a wide range of employment related matters including employment contracts and agreements, workplace policies and procedures, wrongful dismissal claims, discrimination, the duty to accommodate, discipline and termination, Work-Sharing, and Supplemental Unemployment Benefit plans. She has successfully helped employers understand their legal rights and responsibilities under provincial and federal legislation.

She has also helped individuals and employers with applications for admission to Canada as temporary residents, foreign workers, and students, and with applications for restoration of status, record suspensions, permanent residence and citizenship, including humanitarian and compassion applications and residency appeals. She also has experience with U.S. visa applications, waivers, NEXUS applications, record suspension applications. She has worked with clients all over the world to create and develop business and immigration opportunities.


She is a key advisor to many of her clients and has been extremely successful in creating dynamic business and scaling strategies for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.


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