Our Mission

At the Calgary Construction Association, our mission is to help our members thrive now and into the future, and to be an advocate for the construction industry.

We do this through a broad variety of services including educational programming, scholarships, networking opportunities and events, government advocacy work, our affinity program, and our BuildWorks portal.

Our Values


We will be at the forefront of the changes in our industry and how they can help our members to thrive now – and in the future.


We will be relentlessly focused on facilitating and enabling our members’ economic success. We will define our own success 
by theirs.


We will be tenacious in pursuit of our work, our goals and in offering value to our members and the construction industry as a whole.

Why we’re here

We’re deeply connected to our members. We know the challenges they face everyday – and the ones that are yet to come. That’s why we make it our business to offer services, training and advocacy to help them succeed.

Secure margins

Enhance project documents

Finding work

Keeping up with technology

Ongoing skills training


Prompt payment

Regulatory and legislative changes

Head Office

2725 - 12th Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

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