Bitesize Bluebeam 4: Document Management Best Practices

*Mandatory Pre-requisite – Bitesize Bluebeam 1: Baseline Basics

Are your drawings or those from your customers a mess? Gibberish in the Page Labels, no hyperlinks, sheets out of order all combined into one bloated document? In this course you’ll learn a quick workflow that will fix all these pain points and more, including automatically finding and clouding changes on revised sheets and tracking the most current version of each sheet.  This course will not only improve your consistency and accuracy in document management, but it will eliminate all the time wasted navigating through drawing sets and wondering who has the latest drawings.

Bitesize Bluebeam 4: Document Management Best Practices will help you understand:

  • Creating Hyperlinks to Quickly Navigate Drawings
  • Manage Revisions with Batch Slip Sheet
  • Find Drawing Changes Automatically


CCA Member $149 (+GST) Non-Member $249 (+GST)

April 12, 2023 - 9:30AM - 11:30AM