Managing CCDC Contracts for Project Success “Do Your Job!”

For the first time, we are bringing virtual instructor-led expertise to your office through a team of multi-discipline trainers’, with decades of knowledge, only previously available at conferences. And it gets better!  In the past, conference presentations have been focused on a one-way exchange of know-how from the speakers to you.  This course moves beyond that one-way exchange to allow you to apply what you have learned.

By sharing decades of expertise from the training team, this workshop will help you to understand the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the CCDC contract clauses that are our commitments to each other. This understanding will empower you to manage and mitigate risk to better ensure your project is successful. When you “KNOW” your job, you can “DO” your job! Be the Project Owner, Consultant or Contractor who is know for “doing the JOB well!”

“This course was full of valuable information on the interpretation of different CCDC contract clauses from the different perspectives of the parties involves. It helps with strategy on how to approach potential situations with the goal of limiting conflict and promoting teamwork. Overall a valuable tool for people within industry and this approach should be more broadly used within industry.” Jaret, ITC Construction Group

This course is worth 2 Gold Seal Credits

Managing CCDC Contracts for Project Success “Do Your Job!” will help you:

  • Learn which CCDC and related clauses and concepts in the different project delivery methods consistently create challenges and conflict
  • Discover what these clauses mean and why they exist
  • Explore how to mitigate the pain points associated with these clauses by developing your “go forward