Managing Change in Construction

Changes on Construction Projects are inevitable and are often a source of friction. This creates problems for both the Owner and the Contractor as well as the other participants involved with the project (Consultant, Subcontractors, Sub-Subcontractors and Suppliers).

The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC), the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and the Alberta Construction Association (ACA) publish standard contracts and guides for the Construction Industry.

The course is worth 4 Gold Seal Hours

Managing Change in Construction will help you understand:

The Change Management Process in standard construction contracts (CCDC-2 Stipulated Price Contract, CCA-1 Stipulated Price Subcontract, CCA-19 Stipulated Price Sub-Subcontract) will be reviewed along with the following forms from CCDC-24 – A Guide to Model Forms:

  • Change Order Form
  • Change Directive Form
  • Proposed Change Form
  • Combined Proposed Change and Change Order Form
  • Supplemental Instruction Form
  • Notice Form
  • Summary of Changes

Guides Covered in this Course:

  • CCA 16 – Guidelines for Determining the Costs Associated with Performing Changes in the Work
  • CCA Guide to Cost Predictability in Construction
  • ACA Doc D – Alberta Standard Guide for Change Order Procedures

CCA Member $190 (+GST) N0n-Member $290.00 (+GST)

March 1, 2023 - 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Virtual Instructor Led Training