“Think differently and succeed!”

From a Team of Multi-Disciplinary Trainers!

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To manage construction today we are encouraged to “think differently”.  The foundation for a successful project is to understand the commitments, expectations, responsibilities, “whys” and risks/rewards for all parties in all the stages/components of a project.  Through this 90-minute overview of the Managing Construction Series utilizing breakout and chat functions, you will whet your appetite to learn more and foster the attitude to “think differently and succeed!”

When you “KNOW” your job, you can “DO” your job!  Be the Project Owner, Consultant, Contractor or Expert Advisor who is known for “doing the JOB well!”

“This professionally facilitated workshop provided great insight into the differences between the CCDC 5a and CCDC 5b contracts and which clauses and areas should be carefully reviewed. The facilitator (Debbie Hicks) did an outstanding job keeping the pace on track and involving both the SME and participants.”

Managing Construction Series Background:

For the first time, we are bringing virtual instructor-led expertise to your office through the synergy of multi-disciplinary trainers’ decades of knowledge that has only been delivered at conferences.  And it gets better!  In the past, conference presentations have been focused on a one-way exchange of know-how from the speakers to you.  These workshops move beyond that one-way exchange to allow you to apply what you have learned.

A team of multi-disciplinary experts will provide you with exceptional feedback, great insight and actionable strategies.  We look forward to sharing this expertise with you.

By sharing decades of expertise from the training team, these workshops will help you to understand the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the CCDC contract clauses that are our commitments to each other.  This understanding will empower you to manage and mitigate risk to ensure your project is successful.

“Run by industry experts, this course helps the participant gain a better understanding of the complexities involved in CCDC clauses.  This is done by a combo of group discussions, and the course instructors providing relevant industry examples.”