MS Outlook 365

Participants will gain efficiency in using many of Outlook’s features to manage email, contacts and calendars.

The course is worth 4 Gold Seal Hours

This course is delivered in partnership between your local construction association and other associations throughout Western Canada. You’ll be participating in a cohort with industry peers from across these regions.


CCA Member $145 (+GST) Non-Member $210 (+GST)

Fall Date to be Determined

Virtual Instructor Led Training

Additional Details


  • Opening Outlook
  • Outlook Options
  • Adding and Removing Accounts
  • The Outlook User Interface
Managing Emails
  • Customize Views
  • Composing Emails
  • Customizing Emails
  • Creating, Editing and Deleting Contacts
  • Contact Groups
  • Import Contacts
  • Using Address Books
  • Creating Appointments
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Customizing Calendar View
  • Create Calendars
  • Sharing calendars
Outlook and Microsoft Teams
  • Calendar
  • Emails and Conversations
  • People
  • Instant Messaging
  • A basic knowledge of and experience with Windows and Outlook.

Izzy Perry is an administrative professional with over twenty years of experience working with Microsoft Office. Her experience in various paralegal, corporate and government offices gives her differing perspectives to engage and develop both her knowledge and her students’ knowledge. She is passionate about computers and software and brings that passion to her work and her classes. Izzy served as President of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association and was on their Board of Directors for five years. She is a Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator certified through the Coaching Association of Canada and the National Coaching Certification Program and has been teaching people to skydive for over ten years. Izzy was the recipient of the 2020 Canadian Sport Parachuting Association Cathy Johnson Service Award, in recognition of the outstanding support, contribution and dedication to sport parachuting in Canada.

EDUCATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS –  Diploma’s – Business Office Skills, CDI, Legal Assistant, CDI, Music Performance, MacEwan University, Enhancing Workplace Resiliency, University of Fredericton.

CERTIFICATIONS – Microsoft Office Associate and Expert Certifications, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator, Coaching Association of Canada.

  1. The desktop app should be used for the course – Office online is similar, but is really just meant for making basic edits and formatting changes, and does not have all of the features of the desktop apps – for instance, SmartArt in Word is not available online, and there are some functions and formulas in Excel that are not available online either. This can cause  a disconnect for students if discussing and practicing certain features that are not accessible. If student still wants to take the course, some things might not be possible or might look different.
  2. If using Office for Mac, there will be some differences as well
  3. Google Docs or Sheets, Pages for Mac, etc. Does Not Work. While these are the same types of programs (ie word processing or spreadsheet programs), they are not the same and won’t look the same or have the same features.
  4. All Microsoft courses include downloadable materials – a manual, exercise files etc. If student does not want to follow along with the manual that is ok, it is helpful to have the exercises downloaded so that they can “play along” during discussions and practice. The manual has proven very valuable to people after the course, it contains everything  discussed in the course with step-by-steps, nothing needs to be memorized.
  5. Logging on prior to class start is recommended this allows time to sort out tech issues and download manual.
  6. Microsoft Office 365 versions 2016 & 2019 is recommended.
  7. Two monitors is preferred, one for following along and one for screen share of instructors screen.

Cancellation Policy:

Payment is non-refundable for cancellations made within 5 business days of the course, or non-attendance on the day. Complimentary substitution of another member of your company is accepted. If CCA has to postpone or cancel courses due to insufficient enrolment, CCA will refund the registration fee or, if possible, the attendee may choose to move to an identical session in the future.


Did you know!!  Eligible employers can get government funding to help employees access training opportunities. The Canada-Alberta Job Grant will give you up to 2/3 of the registration fee (up to $10,000/employee/fiscal year) for training. Whether taking one course or a combination of courses, the total training must be a minimum of 21 hours and be completed within 52 weeks.