Proposal Pursuit “Strategies for Success”

For the first time, we are bringing virtual instructor-led expertise to your office through a team of multi-discipline trainers’, with decades of knowledge, only previously available at conferences. And it gets better! In the past, conference presentations have been focused on a one-way exchange of know-how from the speakers to you. This workshop moves beyond that one-way exchange to allow you to apply what you have learned.

A team of multi-discipline experts will provide you with exceptional feedback, great insight and actionable strategies. We look forward to sharing this expertise with you.

The course is worth 2 Gold Seal Credits


“Succinct, to the point, and highly engaging. The experience and knowledge of the speakers was apparent and added great value to my toolbox.” – Bradley Morgan, Westcor Construction

Proposal Pursuit “Strategies for Success” will help you:

  • Learn the key ingredients to prepare a successful Request for Qualification (RFQ)
  • Understand the Project Owner’s mindset in soliciting a Request for Proposal (RFP) competition
  • Identify “homework” to be done prior to responding to the RFQ/RFP
  • Familiarize yourself with best practices when successfully responding to an RFP
  • Develop a winning RFP strategy
  • Recognize the same techniques for successful Subcontractor submissions
  • Understand how to prepare for, manage and excel in the Interview
  • Learn about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and create ideas on how to demonstrate your CSR Strategy
  • Apply learnings to an RFP case study and table your RFP mini proposal to an evaluation panel
  • Enhance your presentation skills by participating in an RFP interview simulation

“The group exercise was intense, entertaining and informative” Jordan Herle, Fire Ant Contracting

CCA Member $649 (+GST) Non-Member $849 (+GST)

November 1, 2, & 3, 2022 - 8:30am - 12:30pm

3 Virtual 1/2 Day Sessions