March 24, 2021

COVID-19 Rapid Testing available

The government of Alberta is offering millions of free rapid testing kits to public, private and not-for-profit employers and service providers province-wide. At least two million rapid tests will be available for businesses and sectors in Alberta. This follows the successful rollout of more than 1.2 million rapid tests to long-term care facilities, schools, outbreak sites, hospitals, homeless shelters and industries across the province. Employers and service providers can apply to receive free rapid test kits for use in their organization’s COVID-19 screening program. Rapid testing screening programs can identify pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic cases – people who don’t know they’re...

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February 10, 2021


PANDEMIC PLANNING FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY- Version 4.0   PANDEMIC PLANNING FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY- Addendum #1 As we approach the 12 month anniversary of COVID-19 many of us are weary and our people feel likewise. All the more reason to be sure that we do not relax the measures that have kept our people safe up to this point and have ensured that we can keep working. In our conversations with people in the industry many have asked recently about some of the lessons learned and, in particular, some of the methods being used to track and document relative...

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February 1, 2021


PANDEMIC PLANNING FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY – A GUIDE. Version 4.0 – April 23rd, 2020 INTRODUCTION. For those who had been tracking the progress of the COVID-19 Pandemic for some time it was becoming obvious that we were moving into unknown territory from a safety and health perspective. Just as with society in general we, as an industry, were likely going to have to develop new protocols and best practices for this emerging reality and in the week leading up to March 16th this began to ramp up significantly. We needed to respond as one industry and if this were...

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August 25, 2020

City of Calgary Mask Bylaw – Construction Interpretation

City of Calgary Mask Bylaw – Construction Interpretation The overall rules to apply are – This bylaw is for indoor space only and, If the public can get access to the indoor space then the mask bylaw applies. For instance – the common areas of condos where card access is required would not apply but the common areas of downtown office towers would. Grocery stores require masks in the public area but the back of house area and storage etc does not as this is not open to the public. For our workplace and offices This would include front reception...

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May 25, 2020

Back to Work Guides

See below for a variety of guides on returning to work safely: Antimicrobial Response BOMA Pathway Back to Work Cleaning and Disinfect Workplace Guidance for Business Owners Post COVID Workspace Strategy Thought Starters Proveras Commercial Realty Return Readiness: A How To Guide for Returning to Work Safely Returning to Work Guide The Safe Six Checklist: Workplace Readiness Essentials  

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May 4, 2020

Workplace Guidance for Business Owners

WORKPLACE GUIDANCE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS Overview This document has been developed to support all business and sectors (excluding health care settings) in reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among workers, volunteers and patrons. This document outlines the criteria that should be addressed in individual, written workplace policies and procedures established to address the COVID-19 pandemic response. All workplaces are expected to develop and implement these policies and procedures prior to re-opening or continuing operations after May 1, 2020. Industries or business with specialized operations or aspects may be subject to additional guidance. Any additional guidance made available is intended...

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May 1, 2020

Jobsite and Workplace Poster

CCA has created an enhanced safety measures poster for use at the jobsite and workplace. Please feel free to print as many copies as you need! 8.5×11 Version 11×17 Version    

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April 17, 2020

ACA’s COVID-19 advocacy on behalf of industry

ACA’s COVID-19 advocacy on behalf of industry  April 16, 2020  ACAadmin Over the past month as the extent of the the COVID-19 crisis intensified ACA has been working on our members behalf to help them and their employees get the help and economic security needed to come through the other side. We have been sending letters to government and meeting them in web conferences over the past few weeks to push for their support. We are continuing to hold conversations with our partner associations, members and government officials to work on the best solutions. Below is a list of the letters...

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April 7, 2020

Navigating Business Through a Global Pandemic – More Advice for Contractors

Navigating Business Through a Global Pandemic – More Advice for Contractors Stuart M. Detsky and Victor A. Bandiera In our last article we provided advice for contractors in order to minimize the impact of the pandemic on existing projects. In this article, we will provide advice to contractors who are intending to bid new work and/or enter into new contracts for construction or service projects. FORCE MAJEURE IS NOT THE ANSWER While contractors are certainly getting legal advice about force majeure clauses and how they may assist with ongoing projects, these clauses are not going to be very useful for...

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COVID-19 Resources

The CCA is happy to provide a directory of suppliers of products and services related to COVID-19 in order to assist our members in locating what they may need. CCA has not undertaken any vetting of these suppliers and are merely providing a means for contact to be made. Should you be aware of others who could be added to this list please have them reach out to or call 403-291-3350.