About the Ted Walden Award

Ted Walden was a founding member of the original Calgary Builders Exchange back in 1944. Walden was the first chair of the exchange which later became known as the Calgary Construction Association in the early 60’s.

This award is truly unique in that it is not presented every year.  It is reserved for individuals of particular distinction in terms of their contribution both to the industry and the CCA.

Our industry and our association has been built by people such as Ted Walden and they inspire those who will build it in the future.

It is therefore as much of an honour to be able to bestow such recognition as it is to receive this award.


The Calgary Construction Association was honored to present Fabrizio Carinelli, President of CANA Construction, with the CCA Ted Walden Award. Take a moment to read an article that was published in the 2023 CCA Constructor Magazine about Fabrizio Carinelli.

CCA 2022 Ted Walden Award Article

2022 Award Recipient

Fabrizio Carinelli

President CANA Construction


1979   George McDonald

1980   Robert Lott

1981   Robert Myers

1982   Ron Jones

1983   Steacy Easton

1984   Bob Scrimgeour

1985   Bud Watson

1986   George Kermack

1987   Wally Ward

1988   Harry Tims

1989   Will Sawyer

1990   Os Reggin

1991   John Young

1992   Bill (Curly) Watson

1993   Benny Cheung

1994   Paul Giannelia

1995   Mike Hullah

1996   Frank Babienko

1997   Gord Graham

1998   Don Ward

1999   John Binninger

2000   Doug Anderson

2001    Jerry Hansen

2002    Pat Barry

2003    Gary Bardell

2004    Ken Trueman

2005    Serena Holbrook

2006    Greg Davidson

2007    Bob Hildenbrandt

2008   Malcolm Holbrook

2010   Kees Cusveller

2014   Les LaRocque

2015   Dave Kinley

2016   Bob Robinson

2018   Stephanie Roll

2022   Fabrizio Carinelli