10 Tips from Rethink to support your family right now

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10 TIPS from Rethink to support your family right now

Many schools are closed, and we know providers are running on limited availability at this time. As part of our company’s partnership with Rethink Benefits, we wanted to share with you some tips for navigating life while working at home and managing your child’s temporary at-home schoolwork.

These supports were made available by Rethink’s behavior experts, all Board Certified Behavior Analysts, who specialize in helping parents of children at all levels. Here are their tips:

1 Create predictability to your child’s day by arranging a general daily structure. Having a schedule or routine can help create family
expectations, lessen stress, build independence and save everyone time

2 Use picture schedules or written checklists to help your child know what activities will occur and when. Pairing a verbal instruction with a picture can better communicate the
routine. For examples of daily schedules, check out a leisure activities schedule here.

3 Integrate choice and allow your child to make the schedule. Alternatively, pick the order of (a few) events to increase your child’s sense of control and often helps reduce behavior challenges.

4 Maintain skills by scheduling time for academics in the daily schedule. Download a visual schedule to help plan out academics and subjects for your child here.

5 Provide structured breaks in your child’s daily schedule to give an outlet for energy or to recharge with relaxation routines.

6 Add in structured windows of free play. One example is creating a visual choice board or checklist of available free play choices such as screens, electronics, games, toys, etc.
Pro tip: String several preferred activities together to increase your child’s independence in leisure activities and decrease the need for you to help them “find something to do.”

7 Help your child stay on task by setting clear expectations with a designated area for schoolwork and using visual supports such as a ‘keep working’ visual in the area. For more
information on visual supports, click here.

8 Maintain your regular nighttime and morning routines to ensure consistency, whenever possible.

9 Take advantage of canceled school/extra-curriculars/events to teach new skills. Examples include using an alarm clock, starting to shave, independent play. Set small, achievable goals.

10 Use positive reinforcement to support the desirable behaviors you want to see at home. Download tips on positive reinforcement here.

Taking care of yourself and accepting support can help you have more patience during this time. Rethink is an employee benefit that gives your family 24/7 access to tools and resources to help you and your care team in understanding, teaching and better communicating with your child. We specialize in helping care for children with learning, social or behavioral challenges.

The program is provided by your employer at no cost to you.

Get started: http://haworth.rethinkbenefits.com

Use this code to enroll: haworth

Need help? Contact us at 800-714-9285, or email support@rethinkbenefits.com

Article by Lena Hogarth
March 23, 2020

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