City of Calgary Mask Bylaw – Construction Interpretation

City of Calgary Mask Bylaw – Construction Interpretation

The overall rules to apply are –

  1. This bylaw is for indoor space only and,
  2. If the public can get access to the indoor space then the mask bylaw applies.

For instance – the common areas of condos where card access is required would not apply but the common areas of downtown office towers would.

Grocery stores require masks in the public area but the back of house area and storage etc does not as this is not open to the public.

For our workplace and offices

This would include front reception as the public can walk into the space but not the workspace and meeting rooms etc which is not freely open to the public. Once a person is signed in and is then engaged in a meeting etc within the main workplace area the bylaw does not apply to that private space.

There does not need to be a door between the areas – the fact is – if a member of the public was wandering around your office they would be trespassing.

If there is an acrylic screen at the reception desk the person on reception does not have to wear a mask.

CCA has adopted the bylaw for our common areas and our front reception.

Please note that It is required to post the City of Calgary Poster in the office areas – a copy is available on the City website. This would need to be on your front door.

For Construction Sites

As far as construction sites are concerned – these are not accessible to the public and are private so the bylaw does not apply.

For interior renovations etc the site itself would not fall under the bylaw but if workers etc have to enter the common areas etc to move around the building then they would be subject to the bylaw.

If you have any further questions or site specific matters that arise pleas feel free to reach out to us and we will make further enquiries.

City Poster

As one final note – you may be aware that CCA offers print services to our members at highly competitive rates. As we have the equipment we have printed out a number of the City of Calgary Mandatory notices and these are available free to members. If you wish some pleas call our front office and we will have them available for pick up at reception – make sure your wear a mask when you stop by to pickup 😀


Article by Lena Hogarth
August 25, 2020

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