City of Calgary- Suspension of construction sites

Mar. 25 – Update on Inspections, and Suspending Sites

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Suspension of construction sites

If you are suspending activity on a construction site, please inform The City of Calgary by calling 311. Building inspectors will attend multi-family and high-rise sites that would have
higher risk to public safety should construction activity be stalled at this time. Inspectors will review public access, loose debris, and security of the sites. 311 is prepared to respond to these calls and track all suspended sites.

Please refer to the Calgary Construction Association resources for site suspension and pandemic planning:
COVID-19 Project Suspension Impact Checklist:
Pandemic Planning:

Video Inspections on Google Duo

The City is preparing to launch a video inspection service using Google Duo (available on the App store). City building inspectors will advise if a video inspection can be conducted. They
will require a site contact to speak directly with the person on-site, and confirm the app is installed. Please note, video inspections will be done at the discretion of the building inspector and cannot be
requested. 311 is now screening anyone with a scheduled inspection. If anyone on the property is sick, experiencing even mild symptoms, or under self-isolation (even if feeling well), your inspection can not proceed.
Self-isolation includes: the 14-day waiting period after returning from travel, as well as anyone monitoring for symptoms under the guidance of Alberta Health Services.

City Hall Parkade Closed to Public

Effective Monday, March 23 the municipal complex including City Hall, the Calgary Municipal Building and the Administration Building are closed to the public. As part of this closure, the City Hall Parkade

is also closed to the public. If you must come to City Hall, please use on-street parking along 9th Avenue SE or other nearby parking facilities.

The +15 between the Hyatt and City Hall is also closed to public access.

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Article by Lena Hogarth
March 25, 2020

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