Construction Industry and Social Media

As more companies and employees move on-line, is the construction industry keeping up? Social media as a marketing strategy is increasing for all businesses and it’s more and more important to have a clear brand and image as a company strategy. This is especially true as younger people enter the workforce who have been on social media most of their lives. A strong presence on social media may bridge the employee shortage the construction industry is facing with people retiring out of the industry.

Construction Media Association notes that social media boosts brand awareness, on-line traffic, search ranking and more, with Linked-In and Facebook the top two platforms in terms of effectiveness.

The starting point is understanding your customer, this can prove to be challenging as no company want to unintentionally exclude a potential market. Drilling down the message to values, strengths and people will give potential customers an visualization of what it would be like to partner with your company. Posting often and keeping content fresh and the voice consistent is also a challenge if there is not a dedicated team involved.

But what goes into a successful strategy for construction when increasing competition and tightening market in Alberta is forcing companies to search for work outside of a niche? Construction Media Association suggests pictures and visuals grabs attention; increasingly we are seeing high resolution site pictures, creative videos and drone shots to tell the story of a project. Not only does that give the Client content to use as well, but showcases the construction and design team’s work. Research suggests the younger generation are less attracted to construction roles due to the perception that the work is physically demanding and difficult, not the work itself. These perceptions could be debunked with a good branding strategy showcasing new construction productivity software and use of drones as examples of competitive skills.

It’s important to also participate on social media.

A company should post about industrial news, new innovations, articles that align with your company’s values. A company that only posts their own content will feel forced and like spam, customers are savvy and will pick up on if a brand strategy is not genuine. Posting about mentions of your company from other sites, partners successes and showing off employees will keep the message from becoming stale. Create a two-way conversation, get people to engage will increase longevity of a post, and give your company an opportunity to comment further. Most people are on some form of social media; Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, You Tube to name a few, and are bombarded with successful advertising and branding and some not so successful advertising and branding making the consumer more informed on what works. If the brand is not sincere it will show.

With social media exposure also comes risks. With everyone having quick access to cameras and social media, construction sites are exposed to potential negative publicity. Safety infractions, messy sites, building mistakes and unpleasant experiences can be amplified on a public stage. Company values and brands have to be communicated to everyone including trade and design partners. Keeping a brand consistent and can be incredibly difficult for the construction industry, the company’s response to negative content can have the potential to recover and show a humanization of a company. If handled well, it would speak more clearly than the initial negative story. Now let’s hear from you, what construction companies have you seen nail social media?

Article by Admin
October 16, 2019

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