Construction New Talent Program – Fall 2021

Construction New Talent Program- Fall 2021

Looking to hire new talent?

Your Construction Associations have received funding from the Alberta Government to support Work-
Integrated Learning placements in the construction industry. We’ve funded 44 student placements so far,
and have spent 50% of the available first year funding.
Wage subsidies of 50% (maximum subsidy $5,000) are available to hire current post-secondary students
and recent grads (up to 6 months) for temporary work experience placements at least 3 weeks in length
which can take place at any time during the year. Placements can be engineers, technologists,
accounting and finance, human resources, IT, logistics, procurement, safety, marketing, etc.

How do I participate?

Step 1 – Employer Application
Fill out a short application with your company’s information to be approved for participation in the
program. This will include a check to ensure that they do not have unsatisfied employment standards
judgments against them.

Step 2 – Placement Application
Submit a short application for each placement detailing the proposed assignment (duration, wage paid,
duties, ect.)

Step 3 – Student Match
ACA will help you find the right match. We can provide you with a number of potential matches to
interview, or work with you if you already have someone in mind.

Step 4 – Reimbursement
After the placement is complete (whether successful or not), submit a short form letting us know how it
went, and include proof of wages paid. We’ll reimburse 50% of the wages paid up to a maximum of
$5,000 per student. We will charge a small administration fee of $100 per reimbursement. This helps
keep the program running and available to you.

Step 5 – Recognition
Employers who complete a successful placement will be recognized by ACA as an Employer of
Distinction. With your permission, we’ll provide you with access to program participants who have had a
successful experience and are looking to make a career in the industry.

Contact Information:
Andrew Gibson – Program Coordinator – – 780-405-9854

Article by Lena Hogarth
October 7, 2021

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