Cost and Supply Chain Issues in Construction

It is no secret that construction material costs and lead time/supply issues are becoming a challenge for the industry. This will likely be the case over the course of this year and into 2022 and it is a complex situation impacted by numerous events and dynamics with COVID only being one part of it.

This document is intended to gather information in order to assist the industry in understanding, responding to and communicating facts and statistics behind the volatility that we are seeing across a broad spectrum of products.

We will continue to update this document as more information becomes available.

As with the Pandemic Planning Document from March 2020, this is the result of a number of individuals from a broad range of organizations who contributed their knowledge of the situation and willingly shared this for the benefit of the whole industry.

Thank you again to each one for your participation.

Should you wish to participate as part of the information network of who contributed to this or have any other input or questions please feel free to reach out direct to Bill Black  at Calgary Construction Association Р403 830 7477 Р

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Article by Lena Hogarth
June 16, 2021

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