COVID-19 Construction Industry Town Hall

On May 20th CCA, along with Alberta Concrete and Dr. Jia Hu, public health doctor and Co-Founder of the 19ToZero coalition hosted a very successful Town Hall.

The goals of the Town Hall were to:

-Provide up-to-date information on public health guidelines, mandates, & recommendations

-Answer questions about COVID-19, including the vaccine and vaccine roll-out

-Discuss the role of the local Primary Care Network in the COVID-19 response

-Address community needs, available supports and follow-up plan


Briefing Note- Workplace Vaccine Considerations

Common Questions

How to Talk to People about Vaccines

Vaccine April 2021 Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Decision Making Tool

Fasken Legal Opinion on Vaccine Surveys & Incentives




Article by Lena Hogarth
May 27, 2021

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