Creating jobs and improving access to justice in Calgary

via Government of Alberta

Funding for infrastructure projects at five justice-related facilities will improve access to justice and support more than 200 good-paying jobs in Calgary.

As part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, Alberta’s government is investing $36 million into capital maintenance and renewal projects at the Calgary courthouse, old court of appeal building, and the correctional and remand centre facilities.

“Building and maintaining justice infrastructure is putting Albertans to work and keeping our communities safe. Building for the future with important upgrades like these is a key component of Alberta’s Recovery Plan – a plan to diversify the economy and create jobs.”

Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure 


“Albertans will be excellently served by this investment in Calgary’s court and justice-related buildings. These projects will ensure that the facilities that deliver justice to Albertans day in and day out will be in optimal condition – all while creating jobs and boosting our economy.”

Kaycee Madu, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

These projects involve vital upgrades and maintenance to existing buildings. Some of the work includes repairing heating, ventilation and air systems, replacing roofs and mechanical system controls, as well as upgrading to new high efficiency boilers.

About $10 million of this funding is shared between the governments of Canada and Alberta through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) COVID-19 Resilience stream. The province is providing the remaining funding through the Accelerated Capital Maintenance and Renewal initiative to help boost local economies and get Albertans working to counter negative impacts brought on by the pandemic.

Quick facts

Capital maintenance and renewal projects are underway at the following justice-related facilities in Calgary:

  • The historic Court of Appeal building will receive $2.5 million for new high efficiency boilers
  • The Calgary Courts Centre will receive:
    •  $3.67 million to repair the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
    • $180,000 to replace optical turnstiles
  • The Calgary Correctional Centre will receive:
    • $6.3 million to replace boilers
    • $4.9 million to replace the exterior cell block window assembly
    • $1.2 million to upgrade the fire alarm
    • $175,000 to install a cell block smoke evacuation system
  • The Calgary Remand Centre will receive:
    • $1.3 million to replace chillers, air handling units and controls
    • $300,000 to replace mechanical system controls, compressors and a water cooled chiller in the kitchen
    • $800,000 to replace the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
    • $650,000 for elevator modernization
  • Various correctional centre buildings within the Spy Hill Complex will receive:
    • $5 million for roof replacements
    • $4 million to replace pedestrian walkways and roadways
    • $5 million to replace an underground sewer line
    • $95,000 for landscaping the exterior ground
Article by Lena Hogarth
August 10, 2021

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