FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 18, 2023 Calgary Construction Association Raises Concerns About Construction Job Vacancies in the Calgary Region

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 18, 2023

Calgary Construction Association Raises Concerns About Construction Job Vacancies in the Calgary Region

Calgary, Alberta – A shortage of skilled construction workers is causing concerns for the local construction industry. Despite a growing demand for new homes and construction projects, both commercial and residential builders are struggling to find enough workers to keep up with the pace of development.

The shortage is being attributed to several factors, including strong demand for record migration to the region, an aging workforce, and a lack of young people entering the industry. Many experienced construction workers have also retired or left the industry, leaving a gap in the labour market.

“This is an issue that we have been bracing for, over recent years, if not decades,” said Black. “Our concern is that this year and in the near future, the skilled worker shortage will become a key issue.”

The Calgary Construction Association estimates that there are between 3,000-4,000 construction job vacancies in the Calgary region alone. Nationally, the number of construction job vacancies is estimated at 93,000.

“This is a problem that not only affects Calgary and Alberta but Canada as a whole,” said Bill Black, President of the Calgary Construction Association. “The Calgary region isn’t just competing with the rest of Alberta for talent, but the entire Country.”

The lack of workers impacts the completion schedules of new homes and infrastructure projects, which drives up costs for builders, consumers, and owners.

Construction employers are stepping up to the challenge on an industry scale, but despite this, the situation is expected to worsen unless significant steps are taken to address the shortage of construction workers. The Calgary Construction Association believes that this is a societal problem that requires action from all levels of government, the educational sector, in addition to the industry itself.

Possible solutions include revising outdated accreditation recognition for newcomers coming to Canada to seek and place high-value-specific skills that are transferable to construction. This means a rework of the immigration points system favour such skills and experience.

The school system needs to reverse a trend over recent years that has reduced junior high and high school student exposure to the trades, and greater funding for post-secondary institutions like SAIT which have the mandate to train the next generation of Alberta’s skilled trades.

In addition to being a key resource to society in building and servicing the communities that we live in, the construction industry offers significant opportunities and long-term career prospects for those who chose this path including low entry cost of education, good compensation, and entrepreneurial opportunities for those who aspire to be a business owner.


Media Contact:


Frano Cavar

Director of Government Relations, Calgary Construction Association



Article by Lena Hogarth
January 18, 2023

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