Imposter Syndrome after Entering the Industry

I’ve been working in the construction industry for 6 years, also completing 2 years of industry related schooling. I’ve walked a lot of sites and I’ve been on dozens of random site tours through out Calgary, even ran a couple solo projects. I have every right to be confident in my position – I have the education, experience and passion for construction and design. But every now and then I feel like a complete FRAUD

How could I have ended up in a position like this? I feel fresh out of school – there are so many details to know in our industry. There are so many opportunities that we problem solve on the fly; how could I possibly obtain all this knowledge to survive… to hold a job?!?! Why do they trust me to run projects – I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I’ve learned to snap out of this mindset quickly… but it has not been easy. It has been a tough process of brain training that I still struggle to practice. I wanted to provide some tips, or mantras, that have worked for me to shut down this negative self-sabotage.

  1. Everyone else is also faking it. See there that blab mouth at your last subtrade meeting, boasting a huge ego… yes, he sometimes thinks he’s a fraud. Remember, everyone else is making it up as they go along too.
  2. See failures as an opportunity to learn instead of a reflection of your ability.
    Our field staff know so much about how to build. It’s amazing and I respect them so much for correcting me when I’m wrong. I also don’t expect them to understand parts of my job like how to navigate a progress draw or review change orders. They are the experts at their craft like you are with yours.
  3. You deserve to be here. If you don’t believe that you deserve this position, your managers won’t either. Stop playing small.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself” – Jordan Belfort

Article by Admin
January 24, 2019

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