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Member Advisory on COVID

On October 1st, Premier Kenney held a virtual town hall with members of the regional construction associations and Alberta Construction Association.

Alberta’s construction associations support our members through information to assist you in your efforts to keep your employees safe.

We urge your consideration of the Premier’s request, which he stated as follows:

“We want to ask your Member companies to please consider implementing proof of vaccination policies for your employees. We are experiencing a crisis of under vaccination in Alberta, which is imposing the greatest pressure on our hospitals in their history.

We think that major employers can make the critical difference in improving and increasing the vaccination rates. The most unvaccinated cohort and the population would be young men between 20 and 35 in rural Alberta, typically we believe in in more blue collar occupations, in other words, a lot of your employees.  

We have rural areas that are still struggling to get over 50% vaccine coverage and only recently have we crossed over 70% first dose coverage for people between the age of 20 and 35. We are making progress, since we as a government introduced $100 incentive back in September 3 and then we brought in the proof of vaccination program for discretionary activities, the so called restriction exemption program two weeks ago, since those things have happened we have seen a really positive momentum, we’ve gone from 78 to now 84% first dose coverage.

What I’m trying to say to you is the critical difference maker here is to keep pushing up those vaccine numbers. A number of major employers have already done instituted proof of vaccination requirements, some with regular negative test options built into their policies.”

For those members considering implementing a policy, you can access a model policy that you can modify for your unique circumstances at:


Article by Lena Hogarth
October 21, 2021

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