Construction Pandemic Planning 2.0


Version 2.0 – March 24th, 2020


At the beginning of last week it was obvious to many of us that we were moving into unknown territory and, from a safety and health perspective, we as an industry were going to have to develop new protocols and best practices for our new reality.
Many organizations in our industry do not have internal resources to create such content while other larger organizations do. In a display of community leadership many of these larger organizations have been willing to share their various approaches over the last week as a way of helping to get the best information into as many sets of hands as possible to ensure that our industry has a strong response.

As we as an industry approach the current situation and attempt to maintain business continuity, we have gathered some of the best practices and now share these in our new Version 2.0 document.

This second version has evolved quite significantly and contains many more contributions

Please note that the following is provided merely as a guide and as stated above, it is based on collective policies and practices that are being followed by a number of General and Trade Contractors in Alberta.

We hope that by sharing this information our industry will be able to respond consistently and quickly to the Pandemic. These practices can be used, built on or amended as you see fit. We intend to keep updating this document as more information becomes available.

Our experts in safety and site management are the best in the world and with the right tools will be able meet these new challenges and the ones that lie ahead.

Please direct all questions or comments on this document to:
Bill Black, B.Sc., CEC, LEED AP
President & COO
Calgary Construction Association

(403) 830 7477

Construction Pandemic Planning 2.0

Article by Lena Hogarth
March 25, 2020

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