We’ve made changes to the CAJG to help you grow your business

The Alberta government is temporarily expanding eligibility to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) to help businesses access the training they need. The expansion is effective until February 28, 2022. Expanded eligibility includes:

  • Funding mandatory training. Use the CAJG to fund courses or training that is required for a job.
  • Allowing employers to train employed family members. Enables family-owned businesses to access training funds.
  • Allowing some business owners to receive funding to train themselves. Supports entrepreneurs to expand their skill set to grow or pivot their business.

In addition, other changes will make the application process more efficient. For example, an employee’s training can start as soon as government receives an application, rather than having to wait for the application to be approved. This allows businesses to begin training sooner if required.

Temporarily expanding the CAJG provides more opportunities for businesses to access support as part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan.

Learn more about the program and apply online at alberta.ca/CAJG


Article by Lena Hogarth
February 24, 2021

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