YCL Year 4 Summary

April 9, 2020

YCL Year 4 Summary

The Young Construction Leaders (YCL) Committee had a very exciting year last year, full of change,
challenges and growth. Internally, there were promotions, a new baby, a wedding, company
changes, some exciting international vacations and a layoff. The early years of a person’s career
are jam packed with major life changes, which makes this demographic such an interesting one for
the YCL team to support.

The YCL started off the 2019 year with a casual networking event and a presentation by
CultureSmith on self-awareness and personality types. These events were followed up by a very
successful Lawn Bowling Tournament (keep an eye out for registration once physical distancing is
no longer required) and an obstacle course run at the X Warrior Challenge. Over the summer
months, the team supported a number of the CCA’s initiatives at golf tournaments, the
Construction Career Expo and the Builders, Owners and Consultants (BOC) Development Summit.

This support included hosting holes and helping the Women in Construction (WIC) with their
annual golf tournament, creating an interactive Construction Career Path to show students what a
career in construction can look like and hosting a panel on accessibility considerations in

November marked the YCL’s annual LIFT event, which stands for Leaders Initiating our Futures
Together. Here, attendees mix into small groups to discuss topics focused on challenges, changes
and innovations in our local construction industry. Additionally, a site tour of the Calgary Airport
Authority’s new baggage system was attended by a lucky 25 individuals. The YCL also participated
in a number of events supporting local charities and organizations, such as the Calgary Food Bank,
the Heart & Stroke Foundation, the International Day for Persons with Disabilities and Prostate
Cancer Canada.

The first quarter of 2020 has thrown a wrench in plans around the world and the YCL is
continuously adjusting to the new norm and brainstorming what we can do next to help people in
our communities. For now, we have to postpone a few events, such as the Calgary Cancer Centre
site tour, a presentation at the U of C Makerspace and our annual meet’n’greet, but we will have a
chance to get together soon! In the meantime, hopefully you have the chance to check out some
of the links included here so you can learn about the initiatives we support. Stay safe and take care
of yourselves. We are always here to help and chat if you need.

Avree Bujaczek
Past Chair

Article by Lena Hogarth
April 20, 2020

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