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Alberta Construction Trade Definitions 2017

Alberta Construction Association (ACA) is pleased to announce publication of the 2018 ACA Trade Definitions.  ACA, its member local construction associations and the 3000 plus member firms endorse adoption of the 2018 ACA Trade Definitions as a best practice. We encourage all tender authorities and their design consultants, specification writers, and contractors and suppliers to cite and utilize the 2018 ACA Trade Definitions for their projects.  We further encourage you to destroy previous versions including ACTS Trade Definitions.

Trade Definitions provide clarity to all construction project stakeholders as to the allocation of work to be bid and performed.  This clarity in turn reduces confusion, error, disputes, and litigation.

The 2018 Trade Definitions represent a comprehensive update to reflect current technology and business practice, and are the consensus result of input from many industry volunteers. They are not a tendering system.

The ACA Trade Definitions are a living document and will continue to be periodically improved and updated.  Stakeholders will be advised as updates are published.

2018 ACA Trade Definitions

 2017 ACA Trade Definitions Video

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January 24, 2019

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