January 24, 2020


BYLAWS OF CALGARY CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION ARTICLE 1 NAME AND AFFILIATION 1.1 Name The name of the Society is Calgary Construction Association. ARTICLE 2 INTERPRETATION 2.1 Definitions In this bylaw the following capitalized words have the following meanings and other words left undefined, as applicable, have the meanings defined by the Act: (a) “Act” means the Societies Act, RSA 2000, c. S-14 and the regulations under the Act from time to time. (b) “Active Member” means a properly constituted organization or an individual engaged in the construction industry or carrying on a business for the purpose of providing service or materials...

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January 24, 2019

Alberta Construction Trade Definitions 2020

What are the Trade Definitions? Updated for 2020, the Alberta Construction Trade Definitions are a complete list of inclusions and exclusions pertaining to scopes of work for trades in Alberta. The definitions are used during the tendering process and to help coordinate job site activities. They specify which contractor is responsible for specific areas of work. Construction associations across Alberta endorse adoption of the 2020 ACA Trade Definitions as a best practice. Tender authorities, design consultants, specific