Diesel Overhead Doors Inc.

We supply and install “strip curtains”, which are a PCV (clear) vinyl panel that come in a multitude of colours and customizable sizes with a 50% overlap. The applications are endless and we have been very busy installing these to help keep business’ safe and prevent the spread of Covid. These also double to help prevent dust, cold air and noise from moving between separated areas.

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  • Lower heating and cooling bills; reduce noise.
  • Smooth Strips – Clear for two-way visibility.
  • Scratch Resistant – Ribbed. Heavy duty. Stays clear 20% longer.
  • Temp Range – Stays flexible down to –18°C and up to 65°C. Use in coolers, freezers and USDA-inspected facilities. Nylon reinforced.
  • Amber Colour– Protects individuals outside welding areas from sparks and UV flash.
  • Black Strips – Limit visibility at conveyor openings or between areas. Not for motorized traffic areas.
  • All strip door kits include aluminum mounting brackets

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