Foster First Defense 40-80 Disinfectant

Foster – First Defense 40-80

This is a non-bleaching, non-corrosive, non-irritant product and is water based with an ammonia base, so there is a little smell to it but not bad.  It is ready to use and has a ten (10) minute dwell time for contact then rinse it off of the surfaces.

This product is for non-porous surfaces such as bare wood or drywall and see attached TDS and SDS for this 40-80 product as it can be used on lots of other surfaces as well.

Scent is mild

36 – 5 gallon pails on a pallet (sold only in pallet quantities)

43.5 lbs. per pail

Coverage Rate 1,000 sq. ft per 5 gallon pail

The pail can be recycled by the end user

Not FDA approved

Available in Canada and USA only

Not for Hand Sanitizer

Do not use on electronics as this is a water based product.

Click here to view product data sheet.


For information on purchasing please contact:

Porter Temple

Field Sales Rep – Western Canada

Cell 403.975.5221