Trimet Building Products

Trimet Building Products have focused on providing these tools at cost for manufacturers, construction, and essential services. None of these ideas are designed as permanent solutions or of permanent quality, but they are available quickly and will curb the spread of disease by providing a barrier for conversation, transactions, on-site work, etc.

Our core business is manufacturing metal roofing, cladding, custom flashing, and building envelope solutions. We can cut, bend, and curve most any metal.

We make a simple foot bracket to open doors hand-free. We also make protective screens and face shields for temporary protection of front line workers.

Hands-Free Door opener
These Steel units can be easily applied to doors to limit the number of hands touching doorknobs in your office during the COVID Pandemic. This is another social good product by Trimet Building Products, $10 covers the manufacturing costs of these units, these can be produced quickly if needed.

Face Shields
Shield Pro Face Shields are PPE devices used by many workers in the health care industry. Includes a contour foam forehead band for comfort and 1/2″ wide woven elastic that comfortably keeps the face shield firmly attached. The shield consists of a 250 micron PVC screen that is strong and light weight.

Front Line Worker Protective Screen
This screen has been developed to help businesses handle interactions during the COVID-19 epidemic. This is a social good product, and is currently available at manufacturing cost in an effort to help retail and office workers generate some level of social distancing when a 2 meter gap may not be available.


Trimet Building in Collaboration with Little Rock Printing is proud to help in the production of the following items at cost to help keep our front line health and service workers safe