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Our goal at the CCA is to connect our members to more work, increase their opportunities to build connections in the industry and provide maximum value for their membership. This guides our work every single day.

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Our industry is complex and changing. New disruptive technologies, ever-shifting regulations and a need to create new streams of talent in our industry are all creating opportunities. We help our members understand where the industry is going and how they can thrive today and into the future.

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In 2019, we celebrate our 75th anniversary. That’s 75 years of supporting, serving and stewarding our industry as our city has grown. It’s also 75 years of helping our members succeed, whether they are senior managers with decades of experience or someone new to the industry experiencing their very first day on the job.

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The more our members explore what we do, the more value they find. New business opportunities, educational resources, events and advocacy are just a few ways we deliver value to our members. Learn how we can help your business succeed.

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Pomerleau joined the CCA in 2018 to show support to our local Construction Association and to be an active member of the Construction Industry in Calgary. We have been hugely impressed with the CCA’s dedication to their members and the very inclusive environment they have created. It has been a real pleasure to both sponsor and attend their professional and social events in 2018 and we really look forward to more involvement with the CCA in 2019!

Garreth Maybury
Project Director - Civil & Infrastructure, Pomerleau

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Expand the reach of your business through our partnership program. Through exclusive benefits offered to our membership, our partners experience a mutually beneficial experience by providing additional value to our 850 member companies while gaining brand recognition and building new relationships.

Industry Updates

October 16, 2019

Construction Industry and Social Media

As more companies and employees move on-line, is the construction industry keeping up? Social media as a marketing strategy is increasing for all businesses and it’s more and more important to have a clear brand and image as a company strategy. This is especially true as younger people enter the workforce who have been on social media most of their lives. A strong presence on social media may bridge the employee shortage the construction industry is facing with people retiring out of the industry. Construction Media Association notes that social media boosts brand awareness, on-line traffic, search ranking and more,...

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October 15, 2019

Safety vs Non Safety

As the industry becomes more safety focused, there proves to be a transition from awarding jobs to contractors with the lowest bid to the contractors that hold exceptional safety standards. Companies big and small face many challenges when making the transition from following provincial standard safety guidelines to captivating safety as part of their everyday culture. Getting buy in from management is numero uno. Management needs to be fully convinced that improving safety training, investing in proper equipment to prevent safety infractions and taking part in the safety movement is beneficial for their organization. In order to do this, there...

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January 24, 2019

Why the Construction Industry Can’t Afford to Ignore Digital Trends

Globally, the construction industry is poised to service a predominantly urban population that will reach 9 billion by 2050. Keeping pace with growth and urbanization on this scale means significant increases in outputs are required from the heavy civil construction industry. Capital project and infrastructure spending is forecast to top $9 trillion globally in the next seven years according to Price Waterhouse Coopers and The McKinsey Global Institute puts that number at $57 trillion in the next twelve years.  Specifically in North America, demand for civil infrastructure is increasing while government capital spending has declined in both Canada and the United States. While this disparity may be...

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