About the CCA

The CCA is a professional association of over 850-member companies throughout
the Calgary region. We provide members with leading-edge services and
opportunities to advance the industry’s development, advocate for the industry,
for professional development and to develop industry relationships.

How We Deliver for Your Business

Member Value

Our goal at the CCA is to connect our members to more work, increase their opportunities to build connections in the industry and provide maximum value for their membership. This guides our work every single day.

Vision & Leadership

Our industry is complex and changing. New disruptive technologies, ever-shifting regulations and a need to create new streams of talent in our industry are all creating opportunities. We help our members understand where the industry is going and how they can thrive today and into the future.

A Legacy of Achievement

In 2019, we celebrated our 75th anniversary. That’s 75 years of supporting, serving and stewarding our industry as our city has grown. It’s also 75 years of helping our members succeed, whether they are senior managers with decades of experience or someone new to the industry experiencing their very first day on the job.

Our Mission

At the Calgary Construction Association, our mission is to help our members thrive now and in to the future, and to be an advocate for the construction industry.

We do this through a broad variety of services including educational programming, scholarships, networking opportunities and events, government advocacy work, our affinity program and our BuildWorks portal.

Your CCA Team</