LEAN Community of Practice Committee

Once a month this committee hosts a FREE Lean Coffee that started in 2009 in the software development industry to have productive conversations about ‘Lean’ in knowledge related work and non-manufacturing environments. This is actually a technique of how to host constructive agenda-less meeting that promotes collaboration and open sharing of ideas. The Lean Coffee technique is used today, with a growing popularity in construction in a number of settings, including with organized ‘Community of Practice’ educational events.

What is a ‘Community of Practice’?
Community of Practice is fundamentally about a group of people who share a common concern or passion for something, and use regular, interactive, collaborative forums to learn how to do it better.

What is the Lean Construction Institute?
LCI was formed in 1997 to adapt ‘Lean’ as a methodology to the Design & Construction industry. Satellite LCI’s have been formed globally with Canada being 10th in the globe to launch the Lean Construction Institute Canada (LCI-C) in 2015. As the conversation and momentum is building around Lean, LCI-C is promoting the use of Community of Practice and encouraging each center to initiate this in support of the LCI-C mission and vision. Please visit the website for more information http://www.lcicanada.ca/

LEAN Community of Practice Committee Events