Availability of resins used in manufacturing products has been severely compromised

We have all been aware of rising lumber, steel and copper prices over recent months and we can see how these commodities are tracking in terms of cost increases to related construction products as well as the impact on lead times.

Now we can add plastic piping and many other products to that list.

Through a combination of constrained supply and now the more recent impact of the severe winter weather on manufacturing facilities in Texas, the availability of the resins that are used in manufacturing these products has been severely compromised with obvious cost and lead time implications.

According to one contractor in the underground and utilities world they have just received a 2 week notice of a 17% price increase and told to expect at least two more during this year.

This scenario is likely to play out in a number of ways over 2021 and we will be tracking these as best we can.



Article by Lena Hogarth
February 25, 2021

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