Calgary Construction Association Congratulates United Conservative Party on Election Success


Calgary Construction Association Congratulates United Conservative Party on Election Success

Calgary, AB – The Calgary Construction Association extends its congratulations to the United Conservative Party on the successful result in the recent provincial election. As the representative voice of the construction industry in the Calgary region, we recognize the significance of this election achievement. We are open to having the opportunity to work alongside the newly elected government in advancing the shared goals of economic growth, infrastructure development, addressing labour shortages, and job creation.

We know that the construction industry plays a pivotal role in driving economic progress, generating employment opportunities, and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents of Alberta. We firmly believe that collaboration between the government and the construction sector is vital for building resilient communities and fostering sustainable development.

We commend the United Conservative Party for their commitment to addressing the challenges faced by our industry. We are grateful for their understanding of the importance of investing in infrastructure, streamlining regulatory processes, and creating a business-friendly environment that fosters innovation and growth.

Additionally, the Calgary Construction Association commends the New Democratic Party who will form the Official Opposition, for their well-run campaign and for raising important issues that resonated with the people of Alberta. A robust democracy thrives when multiple perspectives are presented, and the Official Opposition plays a crucial role in fostering healthy debate and bringing attention to key matters affecting our province. We look forward to continued dialogue and collaboration with the New Democrats as we work together to address the pressing concerns of our industry and the broader community.

The Calgary Construction Association eagerly anticipates working closely with the newly elected government to bring forth innovative solutions to the issues we face. This election period, we raised issues around public procurement, the labour shortage, and ways that the Government of Alberta can help to build a strong and prosperous Calgary.  We will continue to advocate and champion the interests of our members, and together, we can build a prosperous Alberta that stands as a beacon of progress and opportunity.

Once again, our congratulations to United Conservatives on their success in the provincial election. We look forward to a productive and collaborative partnership that will shape the future of the construction industry and contribute to the success of Calgary and Alberta.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Frano Cavar, Director of Government Relations



Article by Lena Hogarth
May 30, 2023

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