Calgary Construction Association Reacts to Event Centre Agreement Collapse

For Immediate Release – December 22, 2021

Calgary Construction Association Reacts to Event Centre Agreement Collapse

Calgary, AB – The Calgary Construction Association (CCA) Is deeply disappointed to learn that the agreement between the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) and the City of Calgary on the construction of a new Event Centre in Calgary’s Rivers District has reached an impasse. As city-builders, we were excited to see the development of a new Event Centre and Culture and Entertainment district that all Calgarians could be proud of.

We believe that the Event Centre is the catalyst project to lead off the Culture Entertainment District within the Rivers District. The build-out of a cultural and entertainment district is important as it adds to the social fabric of our city, promotes community building, and sets Calgary apart as a destination to live, work and play. We see the CEC as an anchor and a gathering place for all Calgarians, an excellent “gateway” to Stampede Park – especially as a complementary facility when used in conjunction with the BMO Expansion project. We believe that the Event Centre could put Calgary back on the map as the “entertainment capital” of Alberta by attracting large-scale events that have previously driven three hours to the north. Once completed, we hoped that the Event Centre would rival Rogers Place in all technical aspects and be a promoter-friendly building.

From an economic standpoint, we believe that the construction of the Event Centre and the buildout of the Culture and Entertainment District will directly impact the construction industry. In 2019, Ernst & Young prepared an economic impact assessment on the full build-out of the district and estimated that 4,750 full-time jobs could be created during the construction phase of the projects – not to forget the 1,536 permanent jobs created once the new facilities open. Moreover, the build-out of the district is primed to encourage further private investment into the area – generating new economic activity and jobs for our struggling downtown.

The Event Centre project would have an enormous socio-cultural impact on our City, would encourage private investment, and would directly create new construction jobs. To that end, we hope that CSEC and the City of Calgary can work through this impasse and move forward on the construction of the new Event Centre and Culture and Entertainment District.

For more information:

Frano Cavar

Director of Government Relations, Calgary Construction Association


Article by Lena Hogarth
December 23, 2021

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