City of Calgary- Important Message on Business Continuity

Planning & Development Services Update

As you are aware by now, The City of Calgary has declared a State of Local Emergency to support the Province of Alberta’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. The City’s top priorities are the health, safety, and well-being of the public and our employees; and maintaining essential and necessary services that Calgarians rely upon.

All service lines within Planning and Development – City Planning & Policy, Development Approvals, and Building Safety – remain open for business with services still operating.  However, our workforce has been significantly impacted, like most of our colleagues and customers across Calgary, and we appreciate your patience as we adjust to these unique circumstances. Business continuity is a high priority, and our day-to-day business continues, albeit not necessarily in the usual ways we are accustomed to. We are exploring different ways to work together while at more physical distance.

This special edition of the Dispatch Newsletter aims to be the channel to keep our industry partners and colleagues updated on a regular basis while we work through the impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis. Please appreciate that many elements of how business is proceeding is fluid and adjusting at almost an hour-by-hour basis.

As of March 18, 2020, please consider the following:

Applications and Business Continuity:
All application types as well as development agreements continue to be processed. While we may see some delays, we are not in a position to provide guidance at this time on what the exact impacts may be for any given application type.

  • Our priority files are those that will keep Calgarians employed and businesses operating right now. To ensure this happens, it would be best to put a hold on any applications that are currently in with us that are not moving towards the construction phase in the short-term. If you currently have an application in that falls into this category, please let us know via an email to
  • File Managers within Community Planning have been given new authorities to move files along with support from their CPAG partners, which should help keep our work moving. Staff may reach out to applicants for additional information and plans in digital formats.
  • Given the current circumstances, the focus of our efforts are on business continuity and not process improvement. There may be opportunities to improve as we move forward but we appreciate applicants working with us on addressing issues as they arise with a focus on continuity.
  • As of today, the 3rd floor business counter is physically open and accepting submissions.  Given the latest directions from the Government of Alberta to institute measures for physical distancing, we are working on ways to reduce in-person physical interactions including exploring options for digital acceptance, review and approval. Some options that we are exploring in the immediate term may include a drop box, or requesting applicants