Important Regulatory Changes Affecting the Glazing Industry – your assistance requested

ACA is assisting associate member Provincial Glaziers of Alberta Association with an industry survey to help raise industry awareness of impacts on the glazing trade from the new Apprenticeship Act (STAE) and to gather input from industry to help inform PGAA recommendations to AB Apprenticeship. AB Apprenticeship encouraged PGAA to undertake this work and encouraged ACA’s involvement to ensure that industry beyond the PGAA membership has a chance to respond to the survey.  The Act potentially impacts not just glass shops and glazing contractors, but also firms that install residential windows.

Intro Letter

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IMPORTANT: This is intended for the glazing industry and intended to reach senior managers. Please forward this to the pertinent key managers in your company.

The Provincial Glazier’s Association of Alberta (PGAA) is soliciting feedback on some legislative changes that the Alberta Government has made to trades overall, and to the glazing trade, in particular. At the suggestion of the Skilled Trades and Professions and Apprenticeship Industry Training, and with the help of the Alberta Construction Association (ACA), the PGAA has put together this survey to solicit further industry opinion, before making recommendations on the in-force legislation, to the government.

The Designated Trades and Restricted Activities Regulation (DTRA-attached), issued 2022-07-06, essentially makes all trades designated, with restricted activities. The Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act (STAE-attached), proclaimed 2022-07-20, replaces the old Apprenticeship Industry Training Act (AIT). These two documents are now the law, governing our industry, and direct what and how we conduct our businesses. As such, glaziers are now a designated trade, with restricted activities, as listed in the DTRA (pages numbered 146 to 152 (actual pages in the attached document 148 to 154) outlining the glazier role, activities, and the classes of individuals who may participate.

We are now moving to the stage where the Act and the Regulations are to start to be enforced. The PGAA has been working on clarifying and correcting aspects of both documents, and is reaching out to industry, with this survey, to fully understand both our members, and non-members opinions on the legislation, its impact on our companies and on our industry, and to bring noted issues to the government’s attention, for remedy, in the very near future.

This is your opportunity to weigh in on the legislation, to support or oppose any aspects of the legislation, as you see fit, and to help affect changes on any issues that you see as detrimental to your business.

Please complete the survey at by 2023-11-29. Your explanations and concerns, as expressed, will help us to clarify a unified industry opinion and to articulate this to the government. Your confidential individual response will not be shared with Government.

There will be a Microsoft Teams Virtual Town Hall Information Session, 2023-11-22 at 12:00 MST, to answer any queries you might have, or which might arise. Please join us for this information session.

Thank you for your assistance and support for our industry.



Article by Lena Hogarth
November 2, 2023

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