April 3rd, 2020

For those who had been tracking the progress of the COVID-19 Pandemic for some time it was becoming obvious that we were moving into unknown territory from a safety and health perspective. Just as with society in general we, as an industry, were likely going to have to develop new protocols and best practices for this emerging reality and in the week leading up to March 16th this began to ramp up significantly.

We needed to respond as one industry and if this were to be possible it could only be achieved through an unprecedented level of collaboration across all organizations. This was particularly important as many organizations in our industry do not have internal resources to create such content while other larger organizations do.

Our first Industry Leader Forum call was held March 18th and over 25 senior leaders from a number of General Contractors, Trade Partners and Suppliers participated in that call. All agreed that cross-industry effort was needed and, with an impressive display of community leadership all in the spirit of collaboration, many of the larger organizations began to share their various documents, many of which were in their infancy themselves. Since then they and many others have continued to share their information as it has evolved over the last weeks. They have universally granted permission for us to integrate all the best practices in an “open-source” document for industry-wide use and in doing so have ensured that we can place the best current information into as many sets of hands as possible in order to support all members our industry regardless of role or company size.

As we as an industry approach the current situation and attempt to maintain business continuity we are pleased to share the most current information in our new Version 3.0 document.

Please note that the following is provided merely as a guide. The policies and procedures are presented in order to share the practices in place and inform those who are implementing their own measures.

As stated above, it is based on collective policies and practices that are being followed by a number of General and Trade Contractors.

We hope that by sharing this information our industry will be able to respond consistently and quickly to the Pandemic. These practices can be used, built on or amended as you see fit. We intend to keep updating this document as more information becomes available.

Our experts in safety and site management are the best in the world and with the right tools we will be able meet these new challenges and the ones that lie ahead.

Please direct all questions or comments on this document to:

Bill Black, B.Sc., CEC, LEED AP
President & COO
Calgary Construction Association
(403) 830 7477

Article by Lena Hogarth
April 4, 2020

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