The CCA is happy to provide a directory of suppliers of products and services related to COVID-19 in order to assist our members in locating what they may need.
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Running out is not an option.

PPE delivered right to your door!

PPE Package- Large Business -$4,579.00

– 46 x 500 ml Hand Sanitizer Bottle

– 3000 x Disposable Face Mask

– 6000 x Vinyl Gloves

– 1200 x Sanitary Wipes

PPE Package- Medium Business -$2,121.00

– 16 x 500 ml Hand Sanitizer Bottle

– 1500 x Disposable Face Mask

– 3000 x Vinyl Gloves

– 400 x┬áSanitary Wipes

PPE Package- Small Business -$742.00

– 8 x 500 ml Hand Sanitizer Bottles

– 500 x Disposable Face Mask

– 1000 x Vinyl Gloves

– 160 x┬áSanitary Wipes

Temperature Screening Reader $3,120.00
The PPEtoMe Human Temperature Screening Solution combines a powerful embedded thermal camera and our latest face, palm and fingerprint recognition algorithms, providing advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable device.