August 19, 2020

Time for an Information Diet

Time for an Information Diet Hundreds of emails, dozens of phone calls, a Zoom meeting here, a Teams meeting there, constant timeline refreshes, status updates, comments, likes and alerts. From work communication to news media, to memes, to your friend’s girlfriend’s dog’s Instagram page, the amount of information we’re exposed to has seemingly reached an impossibly huge crest. There is no doubt that the past few months have been completely overwhelming, but they have also posed a major question for us: are we TOO connected? In my opinion, the answer is categorically YES. Most people simply have too much information...

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YCL – JULY BLOG POST Networking Post COVID-19 When I volunteered to write the July blog post I had rosy visions of writing about how great The Calgary Stampede can be when used as a networking tool. You really can make long lasting great relationships within the industry over a couple of beers and chuck wagon races. However with the COVID-19 pandemic effectively cancelling Stampede 2020 I was left wondering just how great of an impact this will have on all networking and events from here on out. Barring a devastating second wave I think we all hope things will...

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Trending Technology in the Construction Industry

Trending Technology in the Construction Industry Over the last several decades the evolution of the construction industry has been fueled by advances in technology, this year is no different. There are several “trending” topics in the industry right now, below are a few we are seeing at the forefront of 2020. We are increasingly seeing robotics fulfill fundamental roles in our healthcare systems, manufacturing industries and in everyday life. As the industry grows the cost/ benefit analysis is becoming more competitive. Companies are beginning to see advantages in sectors such as safety, schedule durations, and budget. It is projected that...

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YCL Year 4 Summary

April 9, 2020 YCL Year 4 Summary The Young Construction Leaders (YCL) Committee had a very exciting year last year, full of change, challenges and growth. Internally, there were promotions, a new baby, a wedding, company changes, some exciting international vacations and a layoff. The early years of a person’s career are jam packed with major life changes, which makes this demographic such an interesting one for the YCL team to support. The YCL started off the 2019 year with a casual networking event and a presentation by CultureSmith on self-awareness and personality types. These events were followed up by...

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COVID-19 Resources

The CCA is happy to provide a directory of suppliers of products and services related to COVID-19 in order to assist our members in locating what they may need. CCA has not undertaken any vetting of these suppliers and are merely providing a means for contact to be made. Should you be aware of others who could be added to this list please have them reach out to or call 403-291-3350.