October 16, 2019

Construction Industry and Social Media

As more companies and employees move on-line, is the construction industry keeping up? Social media as a marketing strategy is increasing for all businesses and it’s more and more important to have a clear brand and image as a company strategy. This is especially true as younger people enter the workforce who have been on social media most of their lives. A strong presence on social media may bridge the employee shortage the construction industry is facing with people retiring out of the industry. Construction Media Association notes that social media boosts brand awareness, on-line traffic, search ranking and more,...

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October 15, 2019

Safety vs Non Safety

As the industry becomes more safety focused, there proves to be a transition from awarding jobs to contractors with the lowest bid to the contractors that hold exceptional safety standards. Companies big and small face many challenges when making the transition from following provincial standard safety guidelines to captivating safety as part of their everyday culture. Getting buy in from management is numero uno. Management needs to be fully convinced that improving safety training, investing in proper equipment to prevent safety infractions and taking part in the safety movement is beneficial for their organization. In order to do this, there...

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